The Do it yourself guide keep the bugs out (digital download)

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Simple, inexpensive solutions to keeping the bugs and rodents out.

 Over the last 30 year or so, pest control has made some significant
changes. We have seen the extermination of incredibly harmful
pesticides like DDT. We have seen how scientists have
revolutionized the pest control industry by creating synthetic
pesticides. We are currently witnessing the ever changing green
So the question remains….
What do you do to keep the pests out?
Who do you believe?
I am of the opinion that when you don’t know what to do or who to
believe, you go back to the basics. This is what I want to teach
you in this book. These are basic ideas that will help you keep the
bugs out.
There are a few types of pest control ideas that have existed for
100’s of years. We may have forgotten many of them because we
have become a “result now” oriented people. We have come to think
that all the over the counter pesticides will solve all our problems.
We have also relied on professional pest control companies to come
in and save the day.
What I want to talk to you about is quite simple in nature. Something
you can do yourself and doesn’t take a significant amount of time to
As you read this book, you may even say to yourself, “why didn’t I
think of that” or “I all ready knew that?” I am willing to go out on a
limb and tell you that you, yes you, probably didn’t realize that the
things I am going to tell you are relevant to “keeping out the pests.”
Through out this book, not that it is a big book; have inserted a lot of
pictures. This is to help you identify with what I am talking about.
Many people are not familiar with the vocabulary I am going to use.
It is also important to know that book has been created to help you
build a preventative solution for the pests that come around your
house. You are not going to completely exterminate all the bugs
around your house by following these guidelines. Please
understand these ideas are huge and great ideas and will make a
big difference in the bugs and rodents that you see around your


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