1 gallon Cedar Oil Blend Erradication Product - Ready to Use

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At Southwestern Cedar Oil we are on a mission to be the alternative to harmful pesticides. Our organic pest control products are truly organic and have been scientifically proven to combat those hard to kill pest like: roaches, bed bugs, scorpions, fleas, ticks and ants.

Cedar Oil Blend can be applied to all areas requiring a direct or indirect treatment by using any conventional trigger forced air or compression sprayer utilized for the application of solutions in a mist or liquid stream. Cedar Oil Blend will not stain. It can be used on all types’ fabric, leather, wood, tile and cellulose materials. DO NOT APPLY TO PLANT LIFE. This product can be used on Human, Canine, Feline. Safe to use on carpet, bedding, in cupboards and pantry areas or around food stuffs of any type. DO NOT DILUTE