"Eric I am so relieved and pleased with the success of being on my way ridding my home of the terrible stick fleas that I have battled for over two years. There have been many days that I wondered if I would ever be able to comfortably walk through my home without having the tiny black hitch-hikers – but the day is very close!!

I have used other cedar products but South West Cedar Oil is much lighter and refined and plain amazing getting rid of fleas and other parasites.

I couldn’t be happier and to be rid of those varmints is like taking a vacation in my own home!!!!!!! It has been a high-light of this year(2014)

Thank You for all the long hard hours it takes to maintain such a high quality product and company.
Your The Best!!!!”

Animal lover-Jan Ault – Nov 2014

“I used this (Home Safe Insect Control) last year and it works great and smells wonderful. I put it on the window sills — no bugs, especially stink bugs.”

J. Maus – Jan 2014

“Hi I just wanted to let u know me and my family have not seen a bed bug in 2 months using your cedar oil. We never had to call a pco and we think your product is extremely effective. A+ Thankyou!”

Barry K. – August 2013

“My rental home tenants asked for bug control that would be safe for their newborn baby and for their dogs and cat. I set them up with your cedar oil (same product I use in my home) and they were thrilled. Thanks for keeping my renters happy and my property bug free”

J. Schleicher
Rio Rancho, NM – July 2012

“I have used Home Safe as my pest control option for five years. It works great! And best of all because it is all natural it’s safe for my family and pets! 2 thumbs up!”

J. Martinez
Albuquerque, NM – Feb 2012

“I wanted to write you about your cedar oil. We’ve been spraying it around the house (inside and out) as our ‘bug spray’ replacement and after about 10 weeks of use, I am happy to report that it’s keeping the critters away. The smell is very pleasant (it smells like CEDAR and what’s not to like about that?) and the cedar oil is natural and not laden with harmful chemicals. With “little one’s” around, I know I am far better off using cedar oil as our bug spray — it just makes sense. We used to get a bottle of whatever was on sale at the home improvement store and that did a fair job but it smelled funny and the list of harmful chemicals made you not want to use unless you had to. Like I said, the cedar oil is keeping the critters away. We are very happy with it. I’m glad we discovered your product.”

John Moore
Rio Rancho, NM – Jan 2012


“So that everyone knows, the Orkin man came today for the last time. His incompetence was just to much to bear. He gave me some song and dance about not being able to get the fleas under control because they were required to use safe products ! Safe for the fleas, that was obvious. Seven treatments and not one dead flea except from old age perhaps. So I asked him to put down the cedar oil I purchased. He said he would have to deduct his cost of the chemical from the $125.00 he charges for the service call. That was a whopping $4.96 he computed. Exterminator charges are based upon a multiplier of 25 times chemical cost. He would have to charge me a fee of $120.00 to do the application. I ran him off, went down to the local hardware store and bought a tank sprayer for $9.95 and came home and did the treatment myself. Quite frankly, I enjoyed the task. I wanted those damm fleas dead more than anything in the World. They are now ! I actually had fun sending them back to hell. You might think about posting this to your testimonial page just to give folks a heads up on the best way to get rid of fleas and exterminators. Same Same to me. I spent $875.00 with Orkin for nothing other than a non-stop chemical headache. I spent $225.00 for cedar oil. Headaches gone and so are the fleas. Thank God for that.”

Jeanette Rodriguez
Albuquerque, New Mexico