Naturally My Dear Spiderman....

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Techniques for getting rid of spiders naturally.

Saline solution.

 Salt is a natural type of spider poison, so it makes an effective Portland pest control aide. Dissolve an ounce of salt (1/8 cup) in a gallon of warm water, and pour the saline mixture into a spray bottle. Spray the salty solution directly onto a spider to kill it. Salt water is also effective at killing spider nests.

Crushed chestnuts.

Spiders detest fresh chestnuts. To send a spider running the other way, place freshly crushed chestnuts at spider entry points.

Vinegar and coconut oil.

If there’s an area of your home that is chronically draped with cobwebs, clean out the webs and spray the area with a mixture made from a cup of white vinegar and a teaspoon of coconut oil. This natural mixture will encourage spiders to hang out somewhere else.

Essential oils.

Some of your favorite essential oils are deadly to spiders, even in the smallest quantities. Add a fresh scent to a room and exterminate spiders by mixing a quart of water with a drop of one of the following essential oils: lavender, citronella, peppermint, citrus, tea tree or cinnamon. Simply spray the spider with the mixture you created.

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