As yellow as they may be, they still bite and sting.

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Hornet/yellowjacket trap

  • Cut off the top 1/3 of an empty plastic bottle such as a 2 liter pop bottle. Flip the top you just cut off upside down and place it inside the bottom half of the plastic bottle. This will make the mouth piece and neck of the bottle face down inside the rest of the plastic bottle. For added stability, staple the top part of the bottle to the bottom part. Poke two holes near the top sides of the bottle. Run a string or fishing line through those holes and tie the ends together to make a knot. This line will be used to hang the trap.

Adding Bait

  • The best bait is a form of sugary liquid, like fruit juice, syrup or pop. Do not pour too much of the bait in as none of it should touch the mouthpiece of the bottle. Pieces of fresh fruit can be substituted as bait instead of a sugary liquid. When the wasps and hornets fly into the trap looking for food, they will not be able to find their way out and become trapped inside.

Placing The Trap

  • Proper placement of the trap is the key part of catching the most hornets and wasps. The best places are in trees at least four feet above the ground preferably close to their nest. Wasps and hornets make their nests high above the ground, and hanging the trap high will put it in their "line of sight."

Do not hang the trap in areas that are frequently used by people. Carefully check the traps every other day to see if any hornets or wasps are still moving. If you want to kill them off, place the whole trap in your freezer overnight.

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